viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

Fiction: Say Yes to the Dress, But What About the Best Man?

Hayley is a bridesmaid in the wedding of her ex, Charlie. To her surprise, Cressida, the bride, asked her to be in the wedding and Hayley couldn’t refuse or people might think she still had feelings for Charlie. Cressida, no dummy, uses the opportunity to make Hayley look every bit the frumpy bridesmaid by putting her in a terrible—and terribly tight—dress. When it splits while she’s standing at the altar, Charlie’s best man, Nico, quickly covers Hayley with his jacket and whisks her out of the back of the church. Nico assumes that Hayley must be mortified about the dress and brokenhearted about Charlie. But he would be wrong.…
“Why the fuck are you here, Hayley? You are the master of bad decisions.” Nico spoke through his teeth, as if he were afraid that if he opened his mouth, a tirade of insults would escape.
Frankly, I was surprised to hear him say fuck.
But now that he’d said it, I started thinking about it. Not the word, but the act. I couldn’t help it. Truthfully, I’d been thinking about it long before he’d said that word. I doubted any woman could look at Nico and not think this man would know everything there was to know about hard, hot, sweaty sex.
For a wild moment, I wanted to ask if he’d impart some of his knowledge, but then I remembered he’d just told me I made bad decisions. There was only so much abuse a girl could take in one day, and I was right up to my limit. When you work in a male dominated profession as I do, you’re used to being judged. Most of the time, I let it wash over me. Occasionally I fight back. Some-times, I take sadistic pleasure in surprising people, but I was damned if I’d allow myself to be told I made bad decisions by a man who never let himself go.Keep Reading »

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