lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Jennifer Aniston goes topless for perfume ad

Jennifer Aniston has stripped off to promote her new fragrance Lolavie. The Friends star has posed topless for a series of black and white ads -...Read more »»

Is Cristiano Ronaldo's baby's mum an LA waitress?

Cristiano Ronaldo's son was born after a one-night stand with a waitress in California, it's claimed. The Real Madrid hunk's love child was...Read more.»»

Temen ola de violencia tras arresto del Escobar caribeño


"Cuando cae el capo, su gente se pelea entre sí para tomar el control en cualquier momento”, dijo Javier F. Pena, agente especial a cargo de la división del Caribe de la DEA.Lee Más »»

Nought to quickie in 300 seconds

How to get in, then get out in five minutes flat, by certified sex counsellor Eric Marlowe Garrison (

-5 minutes: Before-play

Send her a text message that adheres to proper German word order: time, manner, place, ie ‘After lunch, commando, upstairs bathroom.' This will mean she's thinking about the sex itself, the risk of being caught and the naughtiness of returning to ‘normal' activities after. She'll be warmed up mentally and physically ahead of schedule.Read more

Your sex life in sync

Synchronise your internal chemical systems to get more...
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