sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Fuentes califica de "barbaridad" ley criminaliza indocumentados en Arizona

Santo Domingo.- El escritor mexicano Carlos Fuentes calificó hoy como una "barbaridad" y una "estupidez" la reciente ley aprobada en Arizona que criminaliza la inmigración ilegal, la primera de su tipo en Estados Unidos. "Es una ley idiota que la va a tumbar el Gobierno federal estadounidense, porque la inmigración es un tema federal en esa nación y no puede ser tratada por los estados allí", afirmó en Santo Domingo el autor de "La muerte de Artemio Cruz".
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Usher: I want to meet beautiful Cheryl Cole

Usher has a soft spot for Cheryl Cole. The singer wants pal Will.i.am to introduce him to The X Factor judge. 'Will's always talking about her,...Read more >>

Inauguración terminal de combustibles en SPM

San Pedro de Macorís.- Las autoridades dominicanas dejaron ayer inaugurada la primera terminal de combustibles del país con capacidad para suplir la demanda nacional de hidrocarburos y la región de Centroamérica y el Caribe.
Puma Dominicana S.A., surge de la sociedad de Coastal Petroleum Dominicana y Puma Energy Internacional y tiene una capacidad de almacenamiento de 1 millón de barriles de combustibles (42 millones de galones) que suplirán el mercado local y podrán ser exportados hacia otros destinos, incluyendo a Puerto Rico y Cuba.Lee Más >>

How to flirt on Facebook

Profile picture

The photo she uses to publicise herself to the world actually tells you exactly what she's looking for from you. "A picture of her with friends means she wishes to project an image of having a varied and interesting life," says clinical psychologist Dr Abigael San. "Asking questions about her friends and social habits will appeal to her." If she's got a preposterously glossy, clearly posed shot then think very carefully about what you wear. "This sort of woman is very concerned with her appearance, and will judge you by the same standards," saySan. "A funny photo says the opposite: that she is more focussed on humour and personality than how you look.".Read more >>

Get her in the mood

Work for it

"Not tonight, darling, I'm just not in the mood." At some point, we've all heard this most disappointing of sentences slip from the mouth of a partner. But the thing with moods, of course, is they're rather prone to change; and just as your squeeze can segue from doe-eyed angel to raging harridan at the mere mention of a patch of errant leg hair, she can also be coaxed from grumpy grouch to panting nympho if you know just how – and where – to apply the pressure. If she's not in the mood, don't be pushy – try these sensual tricks.

3 ways to guarantee all-night sex

Don’t panic

If you're having problems with longevity in the sack, forget pills or "natural" remedies, as they'll never help, says Dr Keith Hopcroft. "Also, try to keep cool about the situation. It usually improves with time, and 'performance anxiety' just makes matters worse." Try these three techniques to help you go the distance:

Distintos motivos de ellas y ellos para hacer ejercicio

Las motivaciones de unos y otras para ejercitarte son distintas, mientras que ellos lo hace pensando más en la competencia, ellas lo hacen más por vanidad, para bajar de peso u obtener algún beneficio para su salud.
A diferencia del género masculino, motivado más por la idea de competir, las mujeres toman como aliciente para hacer ejercicio la obtención de beneficios como bajar de peso o mejor su estado de ánimo. Así lo concluyó una investigación realizada en la Universidad de Temple, Filadelfia.Lee Más >>

Rinde al máximo sin cansarte (segunda parte

Ya hablábamos de algunos consejos para sobrevivir a un día cargado de actividades sin que te sientas agotado al final de tu jornada. Mencionamos que una alimentación adecuada, con una rutina sencilla de ejercicio y una hidratación correcta te ayudarán a sentirte mejor a lo largo del día, ahora te daremos algunos otros tips para que puedas dar lo mejor de ti.Lee Más >>

Make her orgasm every time

Hit the spot every time with our orgasm tips

Today – Tuesday 31st of July – is officially National Orgasm Day. To us chaps it's obviously a far from subtle marketing ploy devised to get some barely needed attention to the likes of sextoys.co.uk who are compounding this publicity push with a survey.
It claims that 12.9% of women have never experienced the big ‘O' and that 11% of those who have experienced their first one with a vibrator.


Weakness: You’re a coward

Super power: Be her provider

Studies in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior show that women are turned off by risk taking, preferring mates who are altruistic, empathetic and sensitive. In fact, a study in the British Journal of Psychology found that altruism is as attractive as good looks, wealth and fidelity when subconsciously rated by women. “Drop into the conversation that you’ve always wanted to do volunteer work abroad,” says Dr Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First (Souvenir). “You’ll seem both exciting, interesting and altruistic.” Or actually go; studies reported in Psychological Science found that women are twice as likely to volunteer overseas so you’ll be spoilt for choice.Read more >>

Fake Lady Gaga Amputation Story Doesn't Have Leg to Stand On

Surely, by now, you've read the red-hot "news": Lady Gaga has had a leg amputated below the knee just 'cause she thought it'd look cool.
Why, according to A Pakistan News, where content is "accurate and based on the facts," the Grammy winner dropped the bombshell Wednesday on MTV "whilst hopping around the studio." A bajillion "OMG!" tweets confirmed. Daily Top Trends even posted a photo of the singer and peg leg in concert.
And we all know doctored pictures never show up on the World Wide Internets, don't we? Just as we all know cyberspace never helps spread rumor, right? Oh, people, come on.Read more >>