miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Cancer-stricken boy who Rebecca Ferguson mentioned on X Factor dies from brain tumour

The cancer-stricken boy who X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson mentioned live on air on Saturday's show has passed away.Leonard Scamp, 10, lost...

VIDEO Kanye West replaces his teeth with diamonds

Kanye West has been fiitted with diamond and gold teeth.The rapper got his dentist to remove his entire bottom row of gnashers and replace them...

Cheryl Cole to sing on this Sunday's X Factor

Cheryl Cole is to sing on The X Factor this weekend.The Girls Aloud star, 27, will perform Promise This on Sunday's results show. 'She's really...Read more »»

Cheryl Cole meets her own wax double

Cheryl Cole has been turned into a wax figure. A model of The X Factor judge, 27, was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in London...Read more »»

VIDEO Cheryl Cole reduced to tears talking about Ashley on Piers Morgan's show

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole starts to cry as she talks about ex-husband Ashley in a new TV interview.The Girls Aloud star and the Chelsea...Read more »»

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