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Blow his mind blowjob

42. Pause for pleasure
When you're on top try pausing for a few seconds in the middle of your sesh before you slide down his penis again. The surprise and anticipation will drive him wild.


Sex that’ll make you tingle


Spice up a repetitive on-top routine with the ‘cowgirl' position - you squatted on top with your feet firmly planted for balance.


O is for Orgasm

1. Morning glory

Testosterone levels are highest when we first wake up, which means your best orgasms are most likely to happen when you make love first thing in the morning.


Holiday sex tips

Summer loving

Sun, sea, sand and sizzling sex... Make sure your summer trip is hot, hot, hot with our horny holiday sex tips


Solo sex tips

Me time

The most indulgent pampering session known to womankind is masturbation; orgasms are good for your health, they can make you look younger and live longer, and there's no risk of pregnancy or STIs. All you have to do is lie back, relax and enjoy ‘me, myself and I' with these maturbating techniques to master


G-spot G-enius

X marks the spot

Enjoy an orgasm with extra ohh - simply follow these tips for hitting the G-spot every time


Good sex etiquette

Mind your sexual manners

Save yourself from blushes in the bedroom by mastering your sexual manners with Cosmo's tips


16 sex tips for long distance lust

If you're about to be separated from your sex buddy, the following tips are tailor-made for you - whether he's off on holiday or moving away, the following techniques are guaranteed to keep you both on the boil until your climatic reunion...


Fail-safe seduction tips

Have him hooked

From your skincare routine to the sweet nothings you whisper in his ear, many factors affect your success in seduction. If you want to be lucky in lust, read on to find out how to hook a man and secure his affections in true Cosmo sex kitten-style.


What happens when he comes?

...He feels that he can't hold back any longer (this is called ejaculatory inevitability)

50 hechos orgasmo increíble (¡Sí! Sí! Sí!)

Orgasm Fact 1

Más del 70% de las mujeres tienen orgasmos como resultado de la estimulación directa del clítoris - y, a diferencia de los hombres, podemos disfrutar de múltiplos.

"Las mujeres no son tan rápidos que bajar de su estado de excitación que los hombres son, después de relaciones sexuales", dice EE.UU. sexóloga Yvonne K. Fulbright Dr. "Muchos pueden volver directamente a él y experimentarlo de nuevo."


Restos su mamada

42. Pausa para el placer

Cuando estás en el tope intentar hacer una pausa durante algunos segundos en el centro de su sesh antes de deslizarse por su pene nuevo. La sorpresa y la anticipación que la unidad lo salvaje.


9 big secrets of male arousal

Big him up!

Think you know your way around his body? Learn these little-known hints and he'll be left begging for more...


What sex feels like for him

# 1 Flirting

Just because men aren't always very good at flirting, it doesn't mean they don't love doing it. And there are a few flirting techniques that are guaranteed to turn a man on. Biting your lip, playing with the hem of your skirt, idly twisting a tress of your hair as he talk...He loves it because he's imagining he's the one with your hair in his hands, or it's his teeth gently biting your lip...


Hand-play for him

Manual mantra

It can be intimidating to perform manual sex on a man - after all, most men are already experts at self-stimulation themselves. While it's true that men are likely to be the professionals in this department, it doesn't mean that your partner wouldn't love a little helping hand. Not only does this allow him to sit back, relax, and enjoy being stimulated, it also means that he can watch you touch him, which is beyond sexy. Learning to manually pleasure him will teach you a lot about how to be his ideal lover.

Inside his mind: What’s the best sex you’ve ever had?

Temptress time

Want to know what really turns him on? We got men to reveal their most memorable sexual moments - see what they shared...


15 Ways to get him hard l

The great sex guide

“Don’t ask for sex – just take it!” Is the advice from sexpert and author of Supersex For Life, Tracey Cox. This type of sex schooling is the kind that Cosmo is 100% behind, which is why we’re sharing Tracey’s skills to get him (and you) going…

Blow him away h

The ultimate blow job features five key elements: warmth, wetness, eagerness, repetition and at least one surprise manoeuvre. Let Cosmo show you how to perfect this winning combo and your mouth will be his favourite place on the planet...


The Brit Awards 2011: Celebrity hair D

We take a look at the hairstyles on the red carpet...


Cheryl Cole wears sexy black dress slit to the thigh at Brit Awards

Cole looked sizzling in a floor-length black gown at tonight's Brit Awards, held at London's O2 Arena. The backless number, which...