viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

Kristen and Anna: Too Good for Twilight?

Twilight darlings Kirsten Stewart and Anna Kendrick are quickly breaking out of their vampire coffins. We're all aware by now that Anna has received tons of acclaim for her performance alongside George Clooney in Up in the Air, and Kristen was the talk of Sundance town.

Got it?

That's why we think yesterday's item about Kristen and Robert Pattinson was totally fair game. We're not "pitting them against each other," as so many Twit-screamers say, but pointing out R & K both have the opportunities with their upcoming flicks to become major players in this entertainment biz.

Heck, while Ashley Greene is shooting some horror movie in Germany and Kellan Lutz is losing Barbarian roles, Kendrick is picking out her Oscar gown! And According to people who have worked with Kristen, she, too is already headed for Oscar's stage—and we don't mean as a presenter:

"Kristen's got this innate quality, that gift, that not everyone has," Welcome to the Rileys director Jake Scott told us. "She's magic. I can see it happening. I can see her becoming a major star. She's grounded, which is important to say about her. She's really grounded. She's a cool chick."

Oscar nominated actress Melissa Leo, who costars with K.Stew in Welcome, was eager to throw in her experienced two cents on Kristen's potential.

"I'm sure she'll be up there on that stage one day, I'm positive."

Leo, whose performance in Frozen River last year put her in a gown alongside Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet, says she sees a lot of herself in young K.Stew.

"Something happens with actors who are committed to what they do. We enjoyed each other because we were so serious about work, we adored each other.".Keep Reading »

Listen to This: Amanda Seyfried Sings for Dear John

n the upcoming Dear John, Amanda Seyfried's heart is in more than the letters she writes to her boyfriend.
The 24-year-old actress, who stuck out in Mean Girls as the ditz whose breasts could predict the weather and then went on to star in such diverse fare as Mamma Mia! and Big Love, has added yet another notch to her creative belt—singer-songwriter.

Seyfried's "Little House," a wistful love song, will be included on the Dear John soundtrack, but you can hear it for the first time right here!.Keep Reading »

Quiz sui Grammy! Lady Gaga vincerà nella categoria Disco dell'Anno?

Date un’occhiata ai candidati! Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, Black Eyed Peas e Lady Gaga — tutti impegnati nella competizione per aggiudicarsi, questa domenica, il premio per il Disco dell’Anno.
Conosciamo bene i loro brani ma, dobbiamo ammetterlo, quello di Lady Gaga continua a venirci in mente. All’inizio eravamo un po’ perplessi, dopo siamo caduti in trance. E succede ogni volta che lo sentiamo.

Lady Gaga si aggiudicherà quindi un Grammy? Provate ad indovinare facendo il nostro quiz sulle Previsioni sui Grammy, scoprite che tipo di esperti musicali siete e condividetelo su Facebook con i vostri amici...
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Quale star si è dimenticata d’indossare i pantaloncini?

Forse questa cantante è talmente contenta di essersi appena fidanzata da non badare nemmeno a coprirsi bene quando va in giro?

Nonostante le temperature stranamente rigide di L.A., è andata a prendere un caffè con indosso un body e un paio di leggings di pizzo.

Pensate di sapere chi si è dimenticata d’indossare i pantaloncini? Scopritelo fra poco…Keep Reading »

Fashion Police: Mariah Carey's Golden Globes

The 2010 Golden Globes were all about the, well, golden globes—so much décolletage on display!
Starting off the trend was good old Mariah Carey, who showed off her bronzed girls in a plunging Hervé Léger gown. No surprise, coming from this flashy star.
Not be outdone, Mad Men's Christina Henricks made sure her breast best assets were on display in a ruffly strapless champagne Christian Siriano frock.
But we didn't expect to see such low-cut styles on stars like Anna Paquin, who shimmered and sparkled in a deep-V Stella McCartney dress. Or demure Olivia Wilde, playing peekaboo in a skintastic Gucci gown.

Check out the bustin'-out beauties, plus see who else dazzled (and who disappointed) in our special Golden Globes Fashion Police gallery!

And then pit your favorite fashionistas against each other in our Red Carpet Pose-Off game!.Keep Reading »

Jersey Shore's J-WOWW's Slinky Shirts for Sale

Now you can look like a Jersey Shore guidette! (Yeah, we're not sure that's a good thing either.)

Castmate Jenni "J-WOWW" Farley is selling her own line of custom-made, barely there tops that look just like the strips of fabric shirts she's worn on the show.

According to her website, the budding designer "will be reinventing the term 'Sexy Sophisticated.' will make people of all ages and body type feel more confident in 'the scene.' "

What do you think? If J-WOWW's selling, are you buying?.Keep Reading »

Style Showdown: Jennifer Lopez vs. Heidi Klum

Has being a busy mom of twins made fashionista Jennifer Lopez a style slacker?

Sure, Jenny's still gorgeous, but her sense of trend timing may be off. Heidi Klum first wore this Louis Vuitton minidress to a Victoria's Secret event way back in 2008 whereas J.Lo wore it just last night to host a book party.
As for the details, Heidi accessorized with funky shoes, chunky bracelets and dark nail polish, while J.Lo kept it simple, choosing minimal jewelry and closed-toe shoes.Keep Reading »

So which version of the little black dress do you like the best—Heidi's original outing or Jennifer's updated edition?


Sound off on more star style in our Fashion Police gallery and see more smackdowns at mystyle!

Chris Brown Makes Another Bad Decision

Chris Brown has been hanging out at the runway shows during Paris Fashion Week. Seems harmless enough, right?

The R&B singer who had that whole nasty thing with Rihanna made a wise choice when he decided to see Jean Paul Gaultier's presentation. He's an iconic couture designer after all, and his shows are notoriously clever.
So clever, in fact, that Gaultier got in on the action, covering his face with makeup to look like blood and bruises in order to match his boxing-themed collection.

But then Brown had to go and pose for pictures with him. Awkward!.Keep Reading »

Style Showdown: Beyoncé Copies Kim's Studs

These days, everyone's jocking Kim Kardashian's style.
First Lindsay Lohan copies the reality star's hooded sparkles and now Beyonce is sporting the same 3.1 Phillip Lim studded gloves. There's a reason Jay Z isn't holding B's hand in the pic. Those spikes would kill!
To make matters worse, both bootylicious babes paired their dangerous leather accessories with spandex pants. But at least Kim didn't add tweed and bright blue to the mix, too.
Or do you prefer the singer's crazy clashing?
Vote now on!


Sound off on more star style in our Fashion Police gallery. Keep Reading »

Jon Voight Weighs In on Brangelina Breakup "Nonsense"

Angelina Jolie ain't talking about those pesky breakup rumors, but her dad's ready to step into the breach.

En route to a Beverly Hills eatery for lunch today, Jon Voight was peppered with questions about whether his daughter's relationship with Brad Pitt doomed.
His answer?
"I don't want to give attention to all this nonsense," said Voight, who was estranged from Jolie until recently.

Voight was suprised by the number of paparazzi perched outside Nate 'n Al deli, and he knew they weren't there for him.

"Who's here?" he asked the pack. Turns out Gwen Stefani was grabbing a bite with her kids.
And, as far as we know, Gwen isn't splitting with Gavin, either.Keep Reading »

Rihanna's 6-Year-Old "Angel on Earth" Loses Leukemia Battle

Not all inspirational stories have a happy ending.
Rihanna is mourning the death of 6-year-old Jasmina Anema, a cancer patient who, with the singer's help, underwent a successful bone marrow transplant last year.
Jasmina died last night, barely 13 months after being diagnosed with a particularly aggressive and rare form of leukemia.

"I am incredibly heartbroken that Jasmina has passed away," Rihanna said in a statement today. "She was such a brave and special child. She showed more strength and spirit than many adults I have met. I feel blessed that I was able to have her in my life, and know that through her example she has saved many lives. She was truly an angel on earth."
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.¿Nacen o se hacen gays?

"La homosexualidad no es considerada ya como patología, sino como una orientación sexual; inclusive tiene fundamentos genéticos y es simplemente una variante de la diversidad en la elección de pareja que se manifiesta no sólo en el ser humano, sino en todos los mamíferos", señaló el médico genetista Rafael Rico García Rojas para el dirio El Universal.

Pasos para el cambio:

- En 1992 la homosexualidad dejó de considerarse como patológica en el DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, de la Asociación Psiquiátrica de EU).

- Luego se estudió si esta orientación tiene una base genética o no. Esto aún no se sabe a ciencia cierta, "pero definitivamente los homosexuales nacen, no se hacen", aseguró la sexóloga Isabel Saro Cervantes para el mismo diario mexicano.

Las investigaciones al respecto "ya no se basa sólo en descripciones anecdóticas ni en casos clínicos aislados (caso por ejemplo de la labor de Sigmund Freud, padre del psicoanálisis): está centrada en encuestas, estudios de mercado, censos, que manejan grandes muestras mucho más representativas de la población homosexual real", escribe la investigadora y psicoterapeuta Marina Castañena Gutman en su libro 'La nueva homosexualidad'.

Parejas gays con hijos

Y con base en datos de la Asociación Psicológica también de EE.UU., la psicoterapeuta dice que se ha encontrado, gracias al estudio de cientos de miles de casos (tan sólo en EU había en 2000, 164 mil hogares formados por parejas de homosexuales con hijos) que los padres del mismo sexo no difieren en nada de sus contrapartes heterosexuales en términos de su compromiso, amor y.Leer más »

La carne de cerdo, mejor que el Viagra

¿Sabrá algo o habla al tanteo? La presidenta de Argentina acaba de lanzar un anuncio importante para levantarle el ánimo al pueblo. Cristina Fernández ha recomendado comer más carne de cerdo para mejorar la vida sexual, un remedio, que según ella, es mucho más eficiente que tomar Viagra.

Entre risas, la mandataria afirmó temer por la reacción de su antecesor y esposo, Néstor Kirchner, al escuchar sus comentarios, pero no obstante, sin pelos en la lengua, dio testimonio de los resultados de su última ingesta de porcino en la sureña localidad de El Calafate, donde el matrimonio se refugia para descansar.

La industria porcina agradece este impulso que buscará no sólo levantar las ventas de la carne de cerdo sino la pasión en los varones de las pampas. La presidenta argentina dice: "Yo soy fanática de la carne de cerdo y no lo digo para quedar bien o para hacerme de propaganda de nada", ha confesado con gran humor la mandataria en un acto tras la firma de un acuerdo con la industria porcina.

"Me acabo de enterar de un dato que yo desconocía y que es que la ingesta de cerdo mejora la actividad sexual. No es un dato menor. Además es mucho más gratificante comerse un cerdito a la parrilla que tomar Viagra", dijo Fernández, quien se ganó aplausos calurosos de los asistentes al acto.Leer más »

República Dominicana será sede Cumbre Mundial por Haití; invitarán a Chávez

Santo Domingo.- La República Dominicana será sede el 14 de abril próximo de una Cumbre Mundial para la Reconstrucción de Haití, a la que será invitado el presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez. La información la ofreció el canciller, Carlos MoralesTroncoso, tras participar en el encuentro que sostuvo el presidente Leonel Fernández con su homólogo de Taiwán, Ma Ying-jeou y el primer ministro haitiano Jean Max Bellerive.Leer más »

Why Apple's iPad Won't Rescue Big Publishing

The Digital Book World conference in New York didn't exactly grind to a halt at 1 o'clock yesterday, but it was definitely hot and bothered. Several dozen attendees gathered around their screens, squinting at buffering feeds and cursing intermittent Web connections, as they watched Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs unveil the iPad, the object of desire formerly known as The Tablet That's Going to Save Us.Keep Reading »

La piel humana alberga a más de 200 tipos de bacterias

Independientemente de la higiene personal, la piel de un ser humano común es huésped de ejemplares y colonias de un total de 205 géneros de bacterias diferentes, según reveló un nuevo estudio publicado en la revista Science.
"Nuestra piel es el hogar para una vibrante comunidad de microbios que tiene una significativa influencia sobre nuestra salud", afirmó Elizabeth Grice, una de las investigadoras involucradas en este trabajo. Y es que la buena salud de la piel depende del mantenimiento de un complejo equilibrio entre las células de la dermis y los millones de ejemplares de bacterias y microbios unicelulares que se alojan en ella.Leer más »

Link Party: Kim Kardashian Poses for Bikini Pics

• Yes, when isn't Kim Kardashian in a bikini? But today she's extra impressed with her bikini body. "HOT HOT HOT! Not even retouched yet!" she tweeted.
• This is a real headline from today: "Exclusive: Oops! Jessica Simpson Farts During Business Meeting" Ashlee's response: "Everybody deals with something like that." (Actually that response is about Jessica and her weight issues, but it seems to apply here as well.)

• Choose your own Mariah Carey link adventure: hear her attempt to prank call her husband, Nick, during his radio show and talk about porn, OR watch her new superfun music video "Up Out My Face."
• Ashton Kutcher really needs everyone's help deciding if he should host the MTV Awards, so having the honorable distinction of being the People's Choice for "Favorite Web Celebrity," he turned to Twitter.
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Carrie Underwood Nabs Super Bowl Anthem Honors

So what if she's probably more of a hockey fan. In the words of the incomparable Paula Abdul: touchdown!

Carrie Underwood has been given the honor of belting out the national anthem at Super Bowl XLIV. Which means American Idol's most successful artist is on track to become its most watched.
More than 151 million viewers tuned into the gridiron faceoff last year, with similar figures expected on Feb. 7, when the Indianapolis Colts take on the New Orleans Saints.
The NFL today also announced that Queen Latifah will be on hand to croon "America the Beautiful," while the previously announced The Who takes on halftime duties.Keep Reading »

Sounds like something for everyone.

Nick Jonas Gets a Dreamy Retro Makeover

Now that Nick Jonas is all solo with the Administration, it's time for his first fancy fashion shoot all by himself. V-Man features the lone JoBro on the cover of its latest issue.
The 17-year-old doesn't go all Taylor Momsen on us, or even Miley for that matter. Instead he just acted like a nice, grateful well-behaved young man, so it was up to the stylists and Mario Testino to make him come off more interesting for the mag's three covers. And for that, they channeled the ghosts of rebels past.

Gotta say, the retro look is working for him and look, he even has a little arm muscle...Keep Reading »

Hollywood Tweets RIPs to Salinger and Zinn

s a sad day in the literary world with the passing of writers J.D. Salinger (The Catcher in the Rye) and Howard Zinn (The People's History of the United States), and Hollywood is feeling it.

John Cusack has taken to his Twitter page to honor them both.

"JD Salinger—what can one say? There was no equal no one within miles. Franny and Zooey—do it all for the fat lady—the perfect writing," he says. "Howard Zinn—a great man. People's History of the United States a must read for any free thinker—the passing of a master."
Ben Affleck released a statement on his friend Zinn, while Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Banks, Kirstie Alley, Eliza Dushku, Rainn Wilson, Ryan Seacrest and more are tweeting their two cents:

Affleck: "Howard had a great mind and was one of the great voices in the American political life. He taught me how valuable—how necessary—dissent was to democracy and to America itself. He taught that history was made by the everyman, not the elites. I was lucky enough to know him personally, and I will carry with me what I learned from him—and try to impart it to my own children—in his memory."

Wilde: "Howard Zinn, a true hero of mine, whom I never got to thank for his donation to Artists for Peace and Justice. RIP…If you haven't read A People's History of the United States, you may want to run to the book store now."

Banks: "Nine Stories is one of my favorite books of all time, and should be read in honor of JD Salinger."Keep Reading »

Rerun Date Set for John Travolta Extortion Trial

It's been just over a year since Jett Travolta's tragic death in the Bahamas. But his family will have to wait at least nine more months for any real sense of closure.
A Bahamian judge has penciled in Sept. 6 as the start date for the retrial of former senator Pleasant Bridgewater and ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne, both of whom are accused of conspiring to extort $25 million from a mourning John Travolta and Kelly Preston in the wake of their 16-year-old son's death.Keep Reading »

Brangelina Breakup Is Real!

Well, of course, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are breaking up.
They're breaking up for awards season.
Think about it: If you were Pitt and Jolie, and you were not in the Oscar running, and therefore threatened with irrelevancy by the likes of Jeff Bridges—Jeff Bridges!—until March—March!—what would you do?
You'd get bored. You'd get resentful. You'd concoct all sorts of ways to divert attention away from the statuette-hoarding Meryl Streeps of the world.
Grow a funny goatee? (Been there, done that, didn't work.) Have a baby, or three? (Been there, done that, loads of work.) Break up?
Of course!

Now, you wouldn't break up in the manner that mere mortals break up—with fights, lawyers and ice-cream therapy. No, you'd break up in the manner that public figures break up—with planted stories, planted quotes and, above all, orchestrated photo ops.
To sell your ennui, you'd walk through an airport looking scraggly (Pitt), haggard (Jolie) and unhappy (both). To sell your despair, you'd turn up the notch on your body odor. To sell your disconnectedness, you'd deep-six joint appearances.
For camera purposes, you'd be broken up. And a bigger story than the stupid old Oscars.
Take that, Christoph Waltz, whoever you are!
Do we talk the talk of the crazy? Perhaps, but we've got company. The Los Angeles Times' Gold Derby blog asks whether Pitt is sitting out awards shows because he's "mad they're snubbing him."

You think? We do.Read More »

Taylor Swift Gets Carded

Is there anything Taylor Swift can't do?
As if the 20-year-old megastar isn't busy enough being a world famous country crooner, along with being an actress, a best friend, a boy magnet and a charitable do-gooder, she now has her own line of...greeting cards!

Ms. Swift's collection for American Greetings, which goes on sale in the spring, not only includes brightly illustrated cards with sentiments written by hers truly, but it offers gift packaging and stationary, among other things.

Get a sneak peek at some of the cards after the jump...Read More »