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How to retune your mind

Theta waves

What? When you’re doing automatic tasks, your brain produces theta waves. These create a detachment of mind from body, which can enhance recall.
Harness them for... Preparing a speech Create a high theta state with a 30-minute walk around a repetitive route, says neuroscientist Professor Øyvind Ellingsen. Straight after is ideal for fact-cramming.

Gamma waves

What? These aid learning, sweeping from your brain’s thalamus, linking new thoughts with memories.
Harness them for... Learning fresh skills Boost learning skills or prepare for new tasks with binaural beats – synchronised tones played in stereo – to induce gamma waves. Try Binaural Beat Brainwave Subliminal Systems (79p,

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Is she coming or weeing?

I think my girlfriend ejaculates when she orgasms but she’s convinced she’s peeing. She’s so paranoid that she won’t let me give her an orgasm. It does smell a bit of urine but looks clear. Is there a way to tell for sure?

Most women who ejaculate say the sensation is similar to peeing, probably because the fluid travels through the urethra, as it does for men. The difference is in the interpretation. Two people queue for a roller coaster: person A is terrified and person B is excited. They’re both experiencing adrenalin but reacting to it according to their beliefs about the possible outcome: A thinks about the bad things; B, the good. For every woman feeling ashamed of ejaculation, there’s another feeling proud. Help her to feel good about it. Tell her you’re fine with it, and that you need her to trust you so you can prove it.

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Give Me SportTop five ridiculous footballing wage packets

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Hot oral sex tricks

Private patch

Here's a secret erogenous zone you should definitely try: trail your tongue down his shaft to the area between his testicles and the base. Purse your lips together and lightly suck on the patch of skin. It's packed with nerve endings, so it will feel awesome.

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sex positions he secretly wants to try

His secret desire #1: For his manhood to feel mammoth

The passion pose: Standing tiger
Men love the unabashedly primal nature of sex from behind. Get on all fours with your knees and bottom at the edge of the bed, while he stands behind you, his feet hip-width apart. Keep your knees close together, while he spreads his legs on either side of yours. Then try squeezing your pelvic-floor muscles to add imaginary inches to his penis.

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10 best woman on top sex positions

Erotic Instructions:
Your man lies on the bed or floor on his back with his arms relaxed above his head. Straddle him on top and slide your legs straight out and forward, so that your feet are on either side of his shoulders. Hold his shins or push on the floor for leverage, and start swiveling your hips in figure-eight motions so you're moving his penis around inside as you would the joystick of a video game.
Why You'll Love It:
For the independent gal, this megamomentum move gives you tons of freedom and literally adds an exciting twist to your typical in-out motion. You control the speed, direction, and overall activity level. And as you're swiveling, your boobs will be bouncing north, south, east, and west-an exhibitionist's dream.

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How much sex is everyone else having?

How normal is your sex life? That’s the question EVERYONE wants to know- so Cosmo decided to ask it.
In this month’s issue, real women reveal just how much naughty time they get between the sheets and the answers are pretty surprising. We went behind the scenes at the Cosmo shoot to uncover their secrets for feeling confident in the bedroom. Watch the clip for a sneak peak at what to expect in the mag and check out their tips:

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10 ways to make doggy style even better When we asked you to vote for your most-loved sex position, doing it down, dirty and doggy crept into pole position. Here, we share the 10 best ways to get even more out of doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel...

Men tend to come more quickly in this position, so get him to try shallow thrusts – this will maximise your pleasure because the opening and first third of the vagina is much more sensitive than the rest.

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Disfruta tu sexualidad sin riesgos

    Seis de cada diez adolescentes que tuvieron relaciones sexuales no utilizaron anticonceptivos durante su primera vez. "Son múltiples los mitos que por años han generado desconfianza en el uso de métodos anticonceptivos. Es muy importante buscar la asesoría del especialista en salud, para encontrar la opción indicada según la etapa de vida de la paciente", explica Ivon Vanessa Silva, actual Coordinadora Nacional del Programa Gente Joven de la Fundación Mexicana para la Planeación Familiar.
    Muchas mujeres tienen la falsa creencia de que los anticonceptivos engordan o te hacen infértil, cuando no es así. Lee aquí los mitos principales sobre los anticonceptivos.
    Riesgos del embarazo en adolescentes
    Una madre adolescente pone en riesgo su salud de diferentes formas, según explica Silva. Los riesgos son:
    • Detención del crecimiento en la madre.
    • Anemia o desnutrición.
    • Hipertensión.
    • Muerte materna resultado de la inmadurez física.
    • Daños psicológicos.
    Beneficios extra de tomar anticonceptivos

La depresión afecta a los hombres más de lo que se pensaba

Un estudio nuevo confirma que la depresión en los hombres es más común de lo que se pensaba. Al parecer, ellos presentan síntomas diferentes a los de las mujeres que, en general, no se asocian tradicionalmente con esta condición. Sigue leyendo para que puedas descubrir cuándo un hombre está deprimido.
Tal vez por esa tradición cultural que sentencia a que “los hombres no lloran” es que muchas veces su depresión pasa desapercibida. De hecho, tradicionalmente se considera que las mujeres tienen el doble de posibilidades de sufrir de depresión comparado con los hombres. Sin embargo, en ese afán de ocultar sus sentimientos y posiblemente por no pasar por “débiles”, ellos pueden presentar otros síntomas como agresividad, problemas de sueño e inclinación hacia el juego, abuso del alcohol y otras conductas peligrosas. Lo más llamativo es que, si se consideran estas señales, entonces la cantidad de hombres deprimidos se acerca a la de mujeres y hasta puede ser superior.Lee Más »» 

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