miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

Jon Gosselin Ready to Cave to ?

Is Jon Gosselin tired of being a freeloader?
From the sounds of it, the former Plus 8 star may be trying to clear the air between him and the show's network in order to start talking and making money again. In other words, prepare to see Jon back on your television screen in the near future.
Gosselin's attorney, Mark Heller, tells E! News he is currently in talks with TLC's lawyers regarding a settlement in their breach-of-contract suit. The Octodad earned the legal action when made paid, televised appearances and made unauthorized disclosures about behind-the-scenes antics, while allegedly being an exclusive employee of the network.
A settlement could determine if the two have any sort of future together.
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Does Rihanna Get Paid to Watch Fashion?

Do celebrities get paid to sit in the front row at fashion shows? I think I read that somewhere.

—ONoTheyDiddint, via the Answer B!tch inbox
Oh don't stop there. Take me as an example. If, say, Michael Kors would like me to appear at his show during New York's Fashion Week, which starts Thursday, I shall do so for the modest fee of $100,000.

But if he wants me to appear in his clothes, that's extra. And if he wants me to appear on the red carpet before the show, that's extra, too. And if he wants me to say nice things about his clothes in the press...You get the idea.
Among the stars recently seen at fashion shows—Kanye West, his Silly-String-clad girlfriend, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Anne Hathaway—at least a few of them charge the designers for the honor of their presence.

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Dile al Amor” el nuevo video de Aventura

Este grupo del Bronx, con puro sabor dominicano, comenzó como Teenagers pero el éxito absoluto lo consiguió como Aventura en el que hacen una original mezcla de bachata, claramente influenciada por el hip-hop, R&B, reggae, pop y rock clásico.
En 2009 Los Reyes de la Bachata lanzaron al mercado su 7 disco The Last y recientemente presentaron el cuarto sencillo promocional del disco: Dile al amor.

Dile al amor comienza ya a sonar con fuerza en las emisoras de radio de Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico. Aquí, en Batanga, puedes ver el video, que fue filmado en la ciudad de Nueva York por Pablo Croce. Míralo y cuéntanos qué te parece.Lee Más >>