lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

El nuevo riesgo, de estar sentada mucho tiempo es... ar

Si eres mujer y pasas más de 41 horas a la semana sentada, no sólo podrías reducir tu esperanza de vida, sino que además, puedes tener un mayor riesgo de sufrir una embolia. Eso es lo que se desprende, de un estudio recientemente publicado en la revista British Medical Journal, y citado en el portal de CNN, que asegura que las mujeres con mayor inactividad, se vieron doblemente expuestas a sufrir una embolia pulmonar (enfermedad producida por el bloqueo de la arteria pulmonar), que aquellas que reportaron haber tenido mayor actividad.

No es la primera vez, que un estudio habla sobre los riesgos de permanecer mucho tiempo sentado, hace unos años, según informa el portal Nutrición en la Red, un estudio realizado por el American Journal of Epidemiology, descubrió - tras examinar durante 14 años a más de 100 mil hombres y mujeres entre 50 y 75 años- que las personas que pasaron sentadas más de 6 horas, tenían mayor riesgo de morir por enfermedades cardiovasculares, que las que permanecieron sentadas menos de 3 horas. Y el riesgo aumentaba entre las mujeres, pues reportaron un 40% de probabilidad de padecer este problema, en comparación con un 20% en los hombres.
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The right shaving balm for your skin a

Every man’s skin is different, as is every shave, so it makes sense that you should tailor your post-shaving products to your specific needs.
Don’t settle for a ‘one balm soothes all’ approach – choose your aftershave balm based on your skin type and condition...

Best for... skin prone to razor burn

Anthony Logistics Razor Burn Repair, £24 for 118ml from
Instantly soothe and repair freshly-shaved skin with this premium balm. It contains eucalyptus and peppermint oils, along with a host of skin-saving vitamins.

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Seven ways to get more adventurous sex

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. And so is the lovin’. High temperatures send female libidos soaring. Research in Physiology & Behavior shows Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) (linked to increased female sex drive) rises with sun exposure. That, soldier, spells opportunity: right now, she’s up for pushing her limits. MH conducted a survey with to find out which sex adventures they’d be up for this summer. Read on to get what you’ve always wanted...

Get her in water

At the beach wait until she’s been sunbathing for an hour then splash a little cold water and let it trickle down her spine. This will get blood pumping round her body, says Lou Paget, author of How To Be A Great Lover. When you’re in the sea together carry her on your back to maximise the contact between you, then swim out to a point where the water is up to your shoulders. The buoyancy of the water frees you to try positions that are back-breaking on dry land..
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Five ways cardio can boost muscle gain t

Run to build your arms

Men who run regularly as well as lifting weights have muscles that are 3% bigger than those who just focus on upper-body exercises...

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Wage war on fat w

1. Do some recon

First, you need to identify the reasons why you’re not losing weight. You could be unwittingly gorging on the ‘healthy’ foods which grow your gut, your job may be to be to blame – or perhaps your workout is stunting fat loss. Getting to grips with the obstacles between you and the physique you want will ensure you’re fully prepared for battle.

How to read her signs in bed h

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share with you some hot-off-the-press research from last month's WAS Conference (that’s the World Association of Sexology). It's a bi-annual conference where those who work in sexual medicine, sexual health and sexual therapy discuss the latest research, and also tips and techniques for making sex safer and more fun.
At the conference, a paper called 'The role of verbal and nonverbal communication in Spanish couples' was presented. Here's the findings…

Expressing positives verbally

Both men and women are better at speaking up about what they like than what we dislike – we're more inclined to say "that was great" than "that could have been b.
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Capturan en RD jefes de red narcotráfico internacional e

Agencias de Estados Unidos, México y Centroamérica, conjuntamente con organismos de inteligencia y antinarcóticos de República Dominicana, asestaron un duro golpe a una red de narcotráfico compuesta por colombianos, dominicanos, mexicanos, venezolanos y libaneses.
A los integrantes de la red y sus socios extranjeros les fueron congeladas cuentas millonarias en los Estados Unidos, según informaron a este diario fuentes de inteligencia internacional.
La Federal Boureau of Investigation (FBI), la Drug Enforcemente Administration (DEA), la Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) y las entidades locales de inteligencia y antinarcóticos dieron seguimiento a la red, de la cual cuatro de sus integrantes fueron apresados en Santo Domingo y Santiago.
Desde hace meses, los investigadores nacionales y extranjeros daban seguimiento a los supuestos narcotraficantes, que utilizaban como modo de operación aeronaves para trasladar cocaína hacia Centroamérica, México, Estados Unidos, República Dominicana y Haití.

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