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RES Justin Bieber gets mobbed at airport

Teen sensation is greeted by hundreds of screaming fans in New Zealand.Read more >>

Ready for a body MOT?

Your wake-up call: Feeling like your mouth's attached to the mains when you sip tea. "Your protective enamel layer gets thinner with age, so the nerves are more exposed," says Dr Phil Stemmer of the British Dental Association. And with NHS dentists about as common as hen's teeth, your wallet could suffer as much as your ivories.
Your clock-stopper: "Brush your teeth before breakfast and spit, don't rinse, as this washes away fluoride," says Stemmer. "Don't brush after drinking fruit juice either – the acid temporarily weakens enamel." Which leaves you spitting teeth.


Boost your concentration with glucose

Drink smart
The clock is ticking for that presentation and you need your afternoon pick-me-up. But although caffeine is the most convenient matchstick for tired eyes, studies have found that daily consumption causes your body to develop an increasing tolerance to the stimulant, making it progressively less effective as an aid to concentration. Fill the void in your motivation with a shot of sharpening glucose. Lancaster University researchers found that a small dose of the sugar boosts your memory by 50%, with study participants displaying a "significant enhancement in memory performance on long-term memory recall tasks". Researchers link the improvement to the spike in arousal and alertness associated with glucose consumption. Just 25g – the amount found in a standard bottle of isotonic drink – provided the positive full psychological effect in under five minutes, so your brain will be able to soak up more facts, more smartly, when it really matters. That's sweet.


Improve your sex life with yoga

Promote flexibility

Working on your range of movement in the gym is crucial, but it’s not until you’re home and between the sheets that the benefits of being limber really start to show. The following yoga move, which comes courtesy of yoga sports specialist Diane Lee (above), promotes flexibility in the hip flexors, groin and quadriceps, to boost both your stamina and your dynamism in the bedroom.


The MH pleasure-enhancer: orgasm 7

Part 7: orgasm
You're at that stage where you're starting to pull a face akin to a Jeremy Kyle guest. Even this late in the game though, you can benefit from some pre-match rituals. "On average, there are eight muscle contractions during the male orgasm," says Barry R Komisaruk, author of the The Science of Orgasm. "These determine the intensity of your orgasm, and when you have more semen, you need stronger contractions to release it." More fuel in the tanks means more joy in the ride.

Are you "ill-cliterate"?

In the US, many men seem to know more about what's under the hood of a car than the hood of the clitoris. I think "ill-cliteracy" is a shame. In terms of the G spot, a lot of fuss is made over the differences between clitoral and G spot orgasms. The clitoral orgasm is often criticised as being quick and light-hearted, while G spot orgasms are somehow deemed more serious and substantive.

Give her a 30-minute orgasm

The ESO technique
If you take pride in the quality of your lady's climax, then read on. Usually a woman's orgasm lasts around 15 seconds at best but, according to American sexperts Alan and Donna Brauer, it's possible to extend those sought-after shudders for as long as half an hour. The Brauers' Extended Sexual Orgasm (ESO) technique is pretty demanding, but if followed correctly can yield deeply intense marathon orgasms – as well as sporadic pleasurable contractions up to 24 hours after the act. If there's a better way to make amends after the inevitable Valentine's row, we'd like to hear it.

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Supercharge your sex drive

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How to be a better lover

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The MH pleasure-enhancer: arousal

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