viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

11 Flirting Fails Made By All Twentysomethings

Somewhere in between pushing each other on the schoolyard and starting a joint bank account, there's us, mostly drunk-texting with no idea what we are doing. We've all been guilty of giving or getting one of these doozies.

1. Relying on alcohol as a mating/dating technique. Yes, after that magic first kiss with a crush after a few glasses of champagne, it occurs to us that drinking makes dating more ~*~mAgiCaL.~**~ Cut to three years later, when you are on the worst, most uncomfortable online date of all time, and wind up sleeping with the guy because you’re shitfaced.

2. Negging as a pickup technique. There is a (hopefully) small window of time in the lives of many twentysomethings during which they’re attracted to people who, subtly or less subtly, make them feel worthless. Dude, walking up to a girl you think is pretty and telling her her ass looks big in those pants doesn’t make you Don Draper.

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