miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Celular Verykool, para agazajar a los enamorados

Se acerca una fecha enigmática y romántica, ideal para que las parejas se demuestren todo su amor con presentes funcionales y dotados de la más alta tecnología, al mejor precio. Y, precisamente, esta es la propuesta de la firma verykool™, que pone a disposición de los enamorados dominicanos una increíble variedad de celulares para la ocasión.Leer Más.

El cambio climático acelera el crecimiento de los bosques

La velocidad no es una palabra típicamente asociada con los árboles, ya que pueden tardar siglos en crecer. Sin embargo, un nuevo estudio la revista 'Proceedings' de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias de Estados Unidos ha encontrado pruebas de que los bosques en el este de Estados Unidos están creciendo más rápido que lo han hecho en los últimos 225 años.Leer Más..

Zelaya denuncia impunidad a los golpistas y pide acciones de la comunidad internacional

Santo Domingo (R.D).- El exiliado presidente de Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, llamó hoy la atención de la comunidad internacional ante lo que denunció como un estado de impunidad en favor de los golpistas contra el gobierno que dirigió hasta el 28 de junio del 2009 cuando fue derrocado por los militares.Leer Más..

Madonna y Jesus Luz ponen fin a su romance

Aunque apenas hace algunas semanas se rumoraba que Madonna estaba tan enamorada de su novio, el modelo brasileño, Jesús Luz, que incluso estaba pensando en la posibilidad de volver a convertirse en madre, ahora se rumora que el romance entre ellos ha terminado.
Según información publicada por el diario 'The Sun', el exceso de trabajo de ambos así como la diferencia de edades (ella 51 y él 23), terminó por provocar que la pareja ya no tuviera los mismos intereses y los temas de conversación fueran disminuyendo.

Todo parece indicar que luego de dos años de relación, la separación de la pareja se dio de manera amistosa aunque se especula que fue el modelo brasileño quien tomó la iniciativa luego de darse cuenta de que la edad si estaba pesando entre ellos.Lee Más >>

Best of times, worst of times for Sandra?

Sandra Bullock, who has just received a best actress Oscar nod for her starring role in The Blind Side, has also been nominated for a less-prestigious movie award. Sandra, who is tabbed as a Worst Actress contender for the bomb All About Steve, is this year’s most startling nominee for the goofy Razzie Awards, which recognize the worst of Hollywood each year. Sandra is not alone in the razzing: Miley Cyrus, Will Ferrell, Robert Pattinson, Beyoncé, the Jonas Brothers and a bunch of other famous names are all nominated. Megan Fox even received the dubious honor of being nominated twice as Worst Actress, for both Jennifer’s Body and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The Razzies are handed out in Hollywood on March 6, the night before the Academy Awards.


Taylor's got a new gig!

Hot young stylist Taylor Jacobson, better known as Rachel Zoe's right hand girl on Bravo reality show The Rachel Zoe Project, has left couture for concealer. The snarky former assistant is the new fresh face of mineral makeup company Everyday Minerals, and is launching a new weekly blog. On "Love, Taylor," she will share her current obsessions and trend predictions. Check out a new side of Taylor at .http://www.intouchweekly.com/

Alternativas al café

Has determinado que esas tres o cuatro tazas de café al día no te están haciendo bien. Existen alternativas que te calmarán las ansias de una tacita de café y beneficiarán tu salud.
Café de hierbas

El ingrediente principal es la raíz achicoria que, aunque no contiene cafeína, quienes la usan reportan un estado de alerta natural. El sabor es muy similar al café regular aunque un poco más dulce y algo ahumado. La inulina en la achicoria ayuda al sistema digestivo y contiene potasio.
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Avatar Takes Titanic's Last Titanic Record

Put a fork in Titanic. She's done.

On the same day Avatar scored nine Oscar nominations, James Cameron's sci-fi epic grossed an estimated $2.7 million, Fox said, and upped its domestic box-office total to $601.1 million.
Make that, a Titanic-topping $601.1 million.
The domestic title was Titanic's last remaining major box-office record. Avatar previously swiped Titanic's No. 1 ranking as Earth's—and James Cameron's—biggest money-maker. (And, yes, for those just cracking open their cryogenic-sleep chambers, Cameron also made Titanic.)
As of Oscar Tuesday, Avatar had grossed an unprecedented $2 billion and change worldwide.
Per Box Office Mojo, Titanic still clings to a few titles: biggest PG-13 movie of all-time; most consecutive weekends at No. 1; etc.
Titanic's reign as the No. 1 domestic movie lasted about 12 years, or until its director decided to make another movie. Until Avatar, the only film that came close to threatening its supremacy was The Dark Knight.

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5 Things You Need to Know About the Late Justin Mentell

Justin Mentell did more than just star in Boston Legal and Disney's G-Force.
The young actor, who died Monday in a single-car crash, put a ton of miles (literally) on his short 27 years.
Sure, you probably heard he was born in Austin, Texas, and spent most of his life in Waukegan, Ill., but here's what else you need to know about the guy who's given William Shatner and Olivia Munn the weepies. Believe it or not, he even has a very special connection to a certain Dancing With the Stars champ.
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Emma Watson vs. the Olsens: Whose Clothes Do You Want?

It's a pretty exciting week for child actors turned fashion designers—both Harry Potter's Emma Watson and the Olsen twins have debuted new clothing lines.
Emma did a special collection for fair-trade British company Tree People. The 19-year-old's knitwear collection features basic dresses, tops and sweaters, 80 percent of which are made from fair trade-certified cotton. Emma even modeled her designs for the catalog.

Over in Olsen crazy-fun town, the 23-year-old sisters couldn't be bothered to model their new Olsenboye line (that's an "O" with a peace sign, BTW) for JCPenney, but they did pimp it on Good Morning America today.Keep Reading>>


HOT GALLERY: Amy Winehouse Whines Her Way Home

If you take Amy Winehouse to a bar, she’s gonna want a cigarette after. Amy left a bar with some friends Wednesday morning and reportedly whined for a smoke on the way to the car.

Amy spent a night out with friends at a bar in London in Great Compton Street, Soho, but looked a little crabby when they left!


Brad: I Still Love Jen — But Can’t Leave the Kids!

Despite presenting a united front for awards season, glamorous couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship is dissolving, according to several sources. Friends of Brad say he sometimes regrets leaving Jennifer Aniston and actually still loves her, but he stays with Angie for his children’s sake.

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HOT GALLERY: Paris Hilton Goes Shopping with Marilyn Monroe

Look very carefully and you’ll see Marilyn Monroe in Paris Hilton’s car… Okay, so it might not be the Marilyn of movies, but this little gal is still a diva — Paris’ Pomeranian!

Paris spent her Tuesday shopping in L.A. at 3rd Street with her little furry friend.

Kellan Lutz Sizzles in New Calvin Klein Underwear Ads

X marks the spot! Kellan Lutz looks smokin’ in the new Calvin Klein underwear campaign. The Twilight hunk seems totally comfortable in practically nothing, as he joins the ranks of Marky Mark Wahlberg and other A-listers who have stripped down to their skivvies for the famed title of “Calvin Klein underwear model.” CATCH FULL SIZE PICS AFTER THE JUMP!

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Dannii may miss X Factor

Dannii Minogue has dropped her strongest hint yet that she might miss this year's X Factor.
Since she announced she's expecting her first child in the summer - right in the middle of X Factor filming - there's been speculation about whether Dannii would be on the panel or not.
When asked if she'll be taking part in the next series, the 38-year-old told The Sun: "I would love to be involved, but I am definitely having my baby in Australia in July so it's going to be hard to juggle all of that."

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