jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

How to negotiate a one night stand

Q: “Your place or mine?”

A: Hers

Always her place. Never insist on taking her back to your house. “Personal safety is going to be paramount for her and she’s going to be more relaxed at her own home,” says sexual and relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall. Not having your own toothbrush to hand is a small price to pay.
Q: “Do you want to sit down?”

A: No, actually

A study by the University of Illinois in Chicago found that women showed greater arousal responses – measured by recording the number of nonverbal cues – while being kissed standing up, rather than laying or sitting down.Read more »»

Addicted to love

The damage: short term

Waking up to realise your new "friend" was flattered by last night's lighting could be the least of your worries. If you've picked up a partner during a boozy night out, there's a one-in-seven chance you'll have had unprotected sex, so you could be one of the 90,000 new cases of STIs reported in the UK every year. According to a report presented to the House of Lords this year, one act of unprotected sex with an infected partner can create a 1% risk of acquiring HIV, a 30% risk of genital herpes and a 50% risk of contracting gonorrhoea.

Si eres adicto al sexo ?

Michael Douglas , David Duchovny , Russell Brand y , más recientemente, Tiger Woods . Leer las crónicas de los adictos del mundo del sexo infame y es tentador pensar que si eso es la adicción al sexo , me dejó en él :las colas de las mujeres , una vida de la experimentación y la indulgencia , y precioso pocas consecuencias para arrancar . Usted consigue el sexo tanto como usted podría desear. Y si su esposa, los fans ( o patrocinadores de varios millones de dólares ) y encuentra , así , "adicción" es una frase muy útil para esgrimen .Read more »»


Whether it's an addiction that's getting out of hand or an ugly personality trait that keeps rearing its head, we all have our vices. We have spoken to sufferers and experts and hope their comments will strike a chord.


Burn Fat Fast

You don't have to go to the gym to lose your lard. You can fry that fat off your body, anywhere – just follow these routines.
From cross-country running and mountain hiking, to workouts that burn fat, the answers to your weight-loss worries are here. Read more »»

6 ways to upgrade your press-ups

Up your press-up

The humble press-up is the muscle-builder’s best friend and should be the ballast of every man’s body-weight routine. Without continual change-ups, however, even this most reliable of full-body moves can become tedious and ineffective. Luckily, as well as being one of the most accessible and useful exercises around, the press-up also boasts more variations than David James’ barnet. PT Scott H. Mendelson (completegymsnutrition.com) shows you how to gradually progress your press-ups through ever-more taxing techniques to build truly world-beating strength.Read more »»

15-minute food: Late night no-cooking immunity

Oysters with apple and cucumber

By Agnar Sverrisson, chef patron of Texture, London


4 oysters

1 cucumber

1 Granny Smith

Dash of Champagne (optional)

The 15-minute method

0-7mins Okay, so we’re giving you extra time to fumble and/or flirt, but make sure you remember to keep an eye on the clock. Dice half the cucumber and half the apple – minding your fingers if you’ve had a bit to drink – and put to one side. Dim the lights and hit play on the mood music. Probably best to steer clear of Them Crooked Vultures at this point.Read more »»