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Five reasons why orgasms are good for you

An O a day keeps the doctor away - sound too good to be true? Well, according to sex toy brand LELO, orgasms are healthy as well as a whole lotta fun:
Reduced cravings
“For years, pop culture has projected lighting up a cigarette to be a ubiquitous post-coital ritual, but some studies show that orgasms can act as a regulator when it comes to appetite and cravings. Throughout intercourse, the body produces phenethylamine, a natural amphetamine that may help to reduce cravings for junk food, cigarettes and overeating.”
Preventative care
“As the old sporting adage goes, the best offense is a good defense, and the same goes for your health. According to researchers at Wilkes University, people who have regular sex were found to have higher levels of immunoglobulin A, or IgA, an antibody that fends off infection. In addition, men who have orgasms at least five times a week are at a lower risk for prostate cancer – even less so if prostate massage is involved.”

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What your fantasies say about you

Ever fantasise about bedding your boss or having a threesome? Sexpert and author of Garden of Desires: The Evolution of Women's Sexual Fantasies Emily Dubberley reveals what your secret sex fantasies say about you...

Bedding your boss

Authority figures are a popular theme in female fantasies, and tend to show up mostly in female submissive fantasies. Many of the women who fantasised about their boss admitted they wouldn't be interested at all in real life. However, submitting to authority in fantasy can help some women relieve guilt they may have about particular sex acts - they're not being 'bad' if they're being 'forced' to do what they're told by their boss.
For some women, particularly those with stressful lives, submissive fantasies offer an opportunity to let go of control and let someone else take charge. Though some women may genuinely fancy their boss, this fantasy is just as likely - if not more - to be about power: and in all the fantasies submitted, the woman was on the receiving end of a lot of pleasure, showing who's really the boss in this kind of fantasy.
Emily Dubberley's book on fantasies, Garden of Desires: The Evolution of Women's Sexual Fantasies, is out in Spetember. Pre-order it on

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Your holiday sexual health survival guide

It's finally time for plenty of sun, sand and fun times! But while most of us look forward to coming home with a golden tan and plenty of great memories, NO-ONE wants to return with is a nasty STD or an unwanted pregnancy.
Katie Fox, Sex and Relationship Expert at Bondara.co.uk, warns that while it's important to be laid back and have a good time, you shouldn't let your guard down and play russian roulette with contraception. So if you're planning on doing the horizontal tango this summer, make sure you follow these tips:
1. Pack extra protection. It's a good idea to pack a barrier method of contraception such as condoms even if you're taking the contraceptive pill. Changes in diet and other holiday excesses make stomach upsets more common when overseas, and vomiting and/or diarrhoea will make the pill less effective and put you at increased risk of an unintended pregnancy. Barrier contraception is also important because the contraceptive pill cannot protect you against sexually transmitted diseases – condoms are by far the best all-round protection during sexual activity.

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Having sex in unusual places tops fantasies list

Go on, fess up. Have you ever dreamed about having sex in an unusual or public place? Well you're not the only one. According to a new survey by French lingerie and sex toy brand Soft Paris, among 781 people questioned, 32% said their top fantasy was having sex somewhere unexpected.
The illicit place of choice? The beach of course. Nothing like a summer romance and a bit of skinny dipping, though we recommend a big towel to avoid getting sand in any nasty places. And it seems public places are a huge turn-on for most, with lifts, trains, jacuzzis, fitting rooms and cinemas making the list too.
The second most popular fantasy, with 135 votes, was threesomes, with the preferred combination being two men and one woman. Kinky.
Unsurprisingly, thanks no doubt to Fifty Shades of Grey, submission and domination came third and fourth on the list, with 21% of women revealing they'd like to be tied up and blindfolded.

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Top tips for festival sex

Whether you're heading to T in the Park or Wireless festival this summer, all the music, drinks and general good spirits might tempt you into getting down and dirty - but many things can go wrong.
Joanna Coker, sex and relationship expert for Bondara explains: "Festivals are well known for bringing out the free-spirited, care free nature in all of us - add a few cheeky drinks to the mix and it's not surprising that people make connections quickly and are more open to sharing the love."

"At the same time, a tent in a field surrounded by hundreds of other festival goers or a festival portaloo is not the best setting for intimacy. Not only is there the greater risk of getting caught in a compromising position there is also the risk that after the initial excitement you may be left feeling embarrassed or regretting the encounter," she adds.

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10 ways to get more sex

Get out of the 'friend zone'

Want to be more than 'just friends' with her? Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as you think to break out of the friend zone. Here’s how to turn a best mate into a bed mate.Read More >

Make foreplay delicious

Upgrade your sex life and boost your health by bringing some sexy
culinary concoctions into the bedroom

Pop her cork

Unless your name – currently, at least – is P. Diddy, you probably haven’t got the budget to unload bottles of Cristal over your lady. But top-drawer champers isn’t required to inject a little extra fizz into proceedings. “Most chardonnay grapes have been shown to replicate the smell of human pheromones, so any sparkling Blanc de blancs wine works just as well,” says Reiley. What’s more, a recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found regularly consuming a glass or two of champagne dilates your blood vessels and improves circulation, protecting you against heart disease.
Serving suggestion Don’t douse your woman like you’re trying to put out a fire. “Take turns to dribble rather than pour into the grooves of each other’s bodies and the experience will be far more sensual,” says Cox.

Win women with confidence

1 Ambition is attractive.

Superiority is not. Telling us you're brighter than your boss makes you come across more Amstrad than Apple.

Ben Foden's six-pack workout

The frog sit-up

Try this spin on the classic sit up. This position, with your thighs out to the side, takes your hip flexors out of the equation. What does that mean for you? Your abdominals will have to do all the work. Ouch.
Ben's top tip "Instead of putting your hands behind your head, slide them up the legs with every rep." Maintain slow, steady movements on the way up and down – don't flop.

How to get rich online

If Trotter's Independent Traders were found in the modern world, they wouldn't be on eBay. Del Boy would swerve the online giant's 10% cut of your sale value and dodge the extra fees for listing and photos. He'd shun the millions of ambivalent browsers and seek out higher profit margins in niche markets where people will pay top money for the products they're looking for. If you want to follow suit, we've highlighted five lucrative product categories that you can sell in your spare time and provided all the links you could need to make a profit.

The boom trade

Use market research reports from mintel.com to identify key consumer trends that you can hook onto. These won’t necessarily be long-term money-spinners but a well-timed spot of bandwagon-hopping can make you quick cash.
Refine to refinance
“More and more men are interested in at-home grooming options,” says James Hardy, retailer of alibaba.com. An electric body-hair remover such as a No!no! will cost you £22.50 per unit from 405 Ltd at alibaba.com, with a resale value of more than £100 in the UK. That’s a profit margin of over 300% gross. Items like this are often sold through their own ecommerce sites – try shopify.com for a free site. 

Estados Unidos ha llevado el tema de estar comunicado a cualquier hora y en cualquier lugar a niveles insospechados. Hay personas que usan sus smartphones incluso durante el sexo.
Uno pensaría que el uso del celular debería tener sus límites, pero la realidad es que hoy día hay quienes no pueden separarse ni un minuto de sus teléfonos. De acuerdo con un estudio realizado por Harris Interactive, los estadounidenses utilizan sus smartphones incluso en los sitios más inapropiados: durante el sexo (9%), en la ducha (12%) o en la iglesia (19%).
El estudio Mobile Consumer Habits indica también que casi tres de cada cuatro personas (72%) dijeron que la mayor parte del tiempo están a menos de cinco pies de distancia de sus celulares.