domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

How to heighten your sexual ecstasy

Orgasms are not a one-size-fits-all commodity. With practice, you can make them more intense, delay them at will and repeat them again and again. To reach a whole new level of intense pleasure, all you have to do is keep an eye on the sexual speedometer.
The main technique every man should master is the Big Draw: the ability to separate orgasm from ejaculation. When you can do this, sex can last for hours. It’s similar to the sensation you get when you ejaculate, only the feeling spreads through your entire body and stays there.
To begin, you need to take charge of your PC muscles (the ones that keep you continent). See if you can stop and start your pee at will, then move on to masturbating without ejaculating – press the tip of your penis or along your perineum. Finally, contract the muscles at the point of orgasm and slow your breathing. When you’ve nailed it, you can stop ejaculating, while still getting the shuddering pleasure of an orgasm. You’ll also be able to achieve multiple orgasms (I can’t recommend them highly enough). Learning the Big Draw takes weeks, so don’t give up after one weekend. Once you gain control, you’ll be free to have sex over and over – naturally you’ll encounter few objections.

Prolonging the pleasure

With the Big Draw under your belt, your sexual repertoire will expand. You can try endurance-based moves that make you more sensitive without spilling over. During sex, you’ll be able to keep yourself on the boil for longer, enjoying that pre-ejaculation headrush for hours – and turning your next one-night stand into an insatiable lover. The key here is knowing when to hold back rather than when to press on.
The Taoists favour ‘still’ penetration (no thrusting). It sounds new-agey, but you can turn it into a teasing game, taking each other to the brink and back repeatedly. Enter your partner until you’re pressed intensely together and lay off the thrusts until one of you involuntarily rocks their hips toward the other. This creates a cocktail of pleasurable hormones – dopamine, serotonin and vasopressin – that will make your head spin. It turns anticipation into a high all of its own. The person who rocks first ‘loses’ the game, and their ‘punishment’ is to perform oral sex. Of course, the game is only a way to prevent sex from becoming linear and repetitive. Instead it becomes a thrilling, addictive cycle where penetration isn’t the last word. Switch back and use your fingers and your tongue, to continuously bring each other to the point of orgasm before letting it subside again.

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