domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

Five essential superfood combinations

In a world where genetic modification wants to pack your lunch with countless supposed advantages, what do we really know about the meddling that goes on behind those hermetically sealed laboratory doors? Better to take the chemistry of healthy nutrition into your own hands. Find out which home-engineered food combinations can deliver double the benefits to enhance every meal. The kitchen is your lab. You are the scientist.

9am: Eggs + ginger = hunger-busting breakfast (+ lean muscle)

Take the classic breakfast protein of athletes as the control. Now, rather than administering pepper or Tabasco, add ginger and stand back. You have just created an instant-acting breakfast that will speed protein and energy to your muscles after the eight hours of food-deprivation referred to as ‘sleep’. Ultrasound tests of healthy men, published in the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, found that ginger stimulates muscle contractions in the stomach which helps your body digest the nutritious eggs faster. The food is moved through your intestines more efficiently, halving the time it takes for nutrients to become available to your muscles and allowing you to break your fast biologically faster.

11am: Cheese + sweet potato = 1,000% extra cancer-proofing (+ all day energy)

The sweet potato packs high concentrations of cancer-fighting beta-carotene and lutein, but 

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