jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013

Improve your foreplay technique


“The areola responds to very light touch – simply running lips or fingers across it can cause it to tense up pleasurably, responding particularly well to temperature,” says psychiatrist and sex expert and therapist Madeleine M Castellanos. “To prompt the greatest sensation wait until the areola tenses up then gently stretch it between your fingers,” she adds.
Best for Smaller nipples The areolae of women with smallish nipples are far more dense in nerve endings than the nipples themselves.


“This is an extremely sensitive but often overlooked area due to man’s obsessions with nipples and cleavage,” says Castellanos. “Stroke all along the length of the side of her breast with your fingers and then move into a more circular pressure, which increases the flow of oxytocin to heighten the intensity of her orgasms.”  Read More »» 

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