martes, 23 de julio de 2013

Is she Miss Right or Miss Wrong?

Female Bureau of Investigation

When it comes to police dramas we know the drill: entire days spent observing a suspect, analysing their motives. But what if you could apply those theories to dating? So instead of basing decisions on her initial appearance, you could use key detection techniques to suss her out properly? It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds.
“About 90% of law enforcement involves analysing nonverbal responses,” says former FBI agent Joe Navarro. “You could certainly use those same skills to uncover undesirable behaviours in a woman.” So stop, look and listen – and make sure that engine’s still running outside...

Say cheese

Don’t assume that because a woman’s smiling she’s a sweet, happy-go-lucky type. Social pyschologist Professor James Dabbs found that certain female smiles indicate undesirable levels of testosterone. Avoid a woman with a tight grin “with less muscle activity around the cheeks or the corners of her mouth.” Otherwise you get a potential partner with high aggression and ‘interpersonal dominance’. Instead, look for a wide smile that reaches towards the corners of her eyes.Read More >

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