martes, 23 de julio de 2013

25 ways to laugh her into bed

Since the dawn of time, men have used humour to undress women. And now research from Northumbria University can confirm what we knew all along: a good joke does trigger desire.
But there's a catch. For it to work effectively, you have to be quicker than a Benny Hill chase scene. Research from New York University found that it takes just seven seconds to form an initial opinion of someone.
Which makes the one-liner the king of jokes. "Most of the best jokes can be told in just two breaths," says stand-up comedian Ashley Frieze. We selected 50 one-liners from the current crop of comedy talent. Then we tested them out on 100 women to find the gags guaranteed to crack her up – and win her over.
Yes, there are some stinkers in here. Whether you find them funny or not is immaterial – just trust us, they work.Read More >

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