sábado, 12 de abril de 2014

Get More Sex Can you reset your sex life?

Make the perfunctory extraordinary again with our guide to making the sparks fly

It’s official: you’re getting worse at sex. A survey of sexual attitudes in The Lancet revealed you’re having 20% less than 10 years ago, devoting less time to it and sleeping with fewer people. Very poor form. Dr Cath Mercer, senior lecturer in sexual health at UCL, says “Technology is to blame. People are taking their tablets and mobile phones into the bedroom and some use porn as a sex substitute.” But this is 2014. Everything is reversible. We asked MH sex columnist Nichi Hodgson, along with a select team of experts, to guide you back into the bedroom and reintroduce you to your primal libido.


The survey says
You're just too knackered. Longer working hours and lack of sleep are causing your sexual retreat.
The fix
You just need to tweak your diet and training to spike your testosterone levels and sex drive. It’s far cheaper than those moody blue pill emails in your junk folder.
“Doing a lower-body workout three times a week works like natural Viagra,” says exercise scientist David Lewis. “Try hamstring curls, squats and step-ups.” Read More »» 

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