viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

Can an orgasm last all day?

Think of ‘tantric sex’ and your mind wanders – uncomfortably – to incense-burning hippies and strange chanting. Or, worse still, Sting. But that’s an outdated stereotype, says Vicky Smith, a sex educator who runs the Embrace Massage. She claims tantric principles are perfectly compatible with busy, 21st-century living. “It’s about maximising pleasure,” she says. “Who doesn’t want that?”
Her exercises will increase your sexual strength and sensitivity. “Within a few months you can master the technique and score an orgasm that lasts all day.”
Stage one
Double your sexual stamina
First, you have to avoid the messy bit. This comes from breathing techniques and muscle strengthening. Take a seat. “With your back straight, place your hands on your belly,” says Smith. “Inhale sharply through the nose and, as you exhale, pull your abs in. At the same time, raise your testicles and penis.” It’s natural to feel self-conscious but nobody’s asking you to do it in public (in fact, we insist you don’t). Repeat 36 times each session, once a day or every other day for two weeks. You’ll control your arousal state by lowering your heart rate – allowing you to prolong the sensation.
Next, strengthen your pubococcygeus, the muscle that connects the pubic bone at the front to the tailbone at the back, and can give you control over your climax. Do ‘PC pull-ups’ 2-3 times a day for the next fortnight. “Inhale and exhale, contracting the pubococcygeus to pull it towards your body,” Smith says. Repeat for two minutes every time for much greater control over your orgasm.”

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