miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Finger lickin' good

There are some things you can't even ask your friends. Never fear- Cosmo's called on sex gurus Em and Lo to answer his most intimate questions so you can get inside his bed head...
Q. I love intercourse with my girlfriend, but she seems more aroused when I touch her with my fingers - am doing something wrong?
A. We're glad you asked, as we feel very strongly that manual sex is every bit as important as penetration - if not more so - for women. As far as we're concerned, handwork on your girlfriend should not be considered foreplay; it should be considered sex. In fact, it may often, if not always, be the main event for her. For many women, some nifty fingerwork is far more effective than hands-free intercourse in producing orgasms: think about how much more control and range of motion you have with your fingers than with your penis, then consider how crucial her clitoris and perhaps G-spot are to her orgasms

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