miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Boost muscle at breakfast with this healthy smoothie recipe

As good for gym-goers as it is for cartoon bears, honey brings insulin-regulating properties to the picnic, turning calories into muscle. It also balances your stomach bacteria – dollop in about a tablespoon.
Fat-flushing fibre
An apple a day keeps the saddle bags at bay by speeding absorption and flushing out blood lipids. Throw in 2tsp of apple fibre (£5 for 250g trecnutrition.com).
Gut-soothing ginger
This anti-inflammatory spice will root out irritants, protecting your bowel from the additives in processed foods. One grated tsp will keep your metabolism high too.
Alkalising lime juice
Squeezing 2-3 limes into the mix will trigger your stomach to secrete more digestion-friendly fluids. It also raises your blood alkalinity, which is a vital tool for muscle growth.
Calorie-burning berries
You’ll have heard us extolling the virtues of the blueberry before, so we’ll spare you the spiel. OK, since you ask, its fibre has been found to reduce fat storage.

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