miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2013

Cycling Vs Running

You want to get fit fast

Cycling: Just like at school, you develop staying power on the local bike. "Cycling's low impact, so you keep going longer," says Matt Parker, coach at British Cycling. "It's sustained stamina training."
Running: It won't max stamina as fast for one reason: it hurts. "Running leads to muscle soreness and damage," says Nick Grantham of the English Institute of Sport. "It's no wonder cyclists keep going for longer." Ahem.
Winner: Cycling

You want to build muscle

Cycling: "Cycling power is generated by glutes, quads and hamstrings," says Parker. "So you'll see gains in leg bulk." Hit the dumb-bells, too, to avoid your top-half looking like a stick drawing.
Running: "You can't bulk up by running, even with hill training," says Grantham. In fact, you'd have to be mad to try. Running spreads strain throughout your body.
Ever see Schwarzenegger running? Exactly.
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