domingo, 9 de febrero de 2014

10 Things Latinas Don't Want to Hear in Bed

Just stop it already. These are all turn offs.

1. Say something in Spanish.
This is sex, not Spanish class, and I’m not Rosetta Stone.
2. Call me papi.
Yes, because I might climax so hard right now if I call you “dad.”
3. Oh man, you are so caliente.
Please, don’t force yourself to speak Spanish. This is like a dirty talk fail.
4. I bet you’re such a freak in bed.
This usually happens as you’re pulling your clothes off or when you’re sexting. Telling Latinas that they’re the sex kittens you see on Internet porn does not make us more enthusiastic to have sex with you. Nobody wants to have to live up to porn star sex expectations.
5. That’s right mami, just like that.
I still will never understand why men think Latinas love to be called “mom.”

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