miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

10 clever ways to thicken your hair

Get washing

Many men worry that the more they wash their hair the more they'll lose but in reality washing actually makes hair look thicker because dirty, greasy hair lies flat and looks ‘gappy'. For best results use a regular use shampoo like Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo For Men (www.boots.com) and wash with warm water (the hot stuff dries out the hair and scalp).

Big up your barnet

"Thickening shampoos, conditioners and sprays contain special polymers which plump up the hair shafts to make them look fuller," says Daniel Morrissey, Franchise Owner at Toni & Guy. The effects are only temporary so you'll need to use them regularly but they can increase hair thickness by up to 20%.

Put the comb down

Ditch the comb. Constant combing and brushing can make thin hair look limp and flat so try styling with your fingers instead and you'll add volume and texture.

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