jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

Are you good in bed?

1 What's your weekly exercise regime?

2-3 high-intensity, 45-minute sessions a week (+3)
4-5 sessions lasting more than 2 hours (-1)
I train solely ‘on the job’ (-2)

Contrary to intuition, donning a pair of less-than-fetching running shorts increases your sex appeal. According to research at Colorado State University, moderate 30-minute runs three times a week for a month will get you panting in more ways than one. Of the study’s 3,000 participants, 75% reported a higher sex drive, 72% were “more sexually responsive” and over 60% reported they could go for another lap around the bedroom within 10 minutes. But don’t overdo it. More than five hours a week can lead to "overtraining" where your testosterone levels, along with your mojo, drop by up to a third. Equally, never assume that sex is enough of a workout in itself. An 11st (70kg) man burns just 62 calories through 10 minutes of carnal cardio, says research at Carolina University. That means you’ll have to do three repeat performances just to justify a pint of Foster’s. You up to that big guy? . Read More »» 

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