sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013

Mark Peacock's Cover Model Muscle Plan

When Mark Peacock started as a Men's Health intern he was a 69kg beanpole hooked on cardio. But then he set himself a challenge – packing on muscle to build a body worthy of the magazine's cover.
"An internship at Men's Health isn't your standard fare," he says. "One minute you're photocopying, the next you're warming up with fitness models. Exposed to some of the best minds in the business, I began asking questions. My fast metabolism meant I had to keep an eye on my diet, measuring every gram of sweet potato, along with every weight increment or rest period." Tough going, but it paid off – Mark now stands at 81kg and just 6% body fat.
He also graces the cover of our biggest issue of the year – out December 4 – in which you can read all about the training and nutritional principles that helped him go from skinny intern to his current physique.
For the complete training plan he used to get in shape for the cover, sign up now for free to our Personal Trainer tool. Our sophisticated system will personalise every one of Mark's workouts to your unique abilities – plus you'll get a bespoke nutrition plan to optimise your results from every session.

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