martes, 16 de julio de 2013

SEE VIDEO What's hotter than sexy Blurred Lines model Emil Ratajkowski in a bikini and hot pants

Just when you thought Blurred Lines video star and Now Online's girl crush Emily Ratajkowski couldn't get any hotter, someone only goes and puts her in an charge of a barbecue!
Emily stars in a promo video for US burger joint Hardee's pulled pork cheeseburger in an American flag bikini top and denim hotpants.
If you're looking for inspiration for this scorcher of a weekend, head to USC to snap up an American flag bikini by Rock and Rags by Firetrap just like Emily's for £18 .
Emily's duffed-up denim shorts are a summer perennial so check out Topshop for this vintage look pair for £30.

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