martes, 16 de julio de 2013

Lewis Hamilton claims Mercedes will be 'blind' at Hungarian Grand Prix after tyre test ban

Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes will go to Hungary "blind" because they are banned from next week's F1 tyre test.
The German car giant were banned from the Silverstone action because they took part in an illegal three day tyre test in Spain.
And with new tyres arriving for the test and the Budapest race at the end of the month that means Mercedes will be the only team without experience of them.
Hamilton insisted that the lack of durability of the tyres on their car at the last two rounds in Silverstone and Germany proved they had not gained extra knowledge or an advantage at Barcelona.
"People fully appreciate how big a negative it is for us not to do the test," said Hamilton.
"We are going to Hungary when other people have gone and tested the new tyres with different ride-heights, different pressures and getting their cars ready for a long run.
"We don't have any of that information so we're going to go into it blind when we get there.
"We shouldn't be in this position in sport but that's the way it is."

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