martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014

Is it OK to want kinkier sex?

You don't need help from Christian Grey to lift your sex life to kinky new heights. It's no longer fringe to talk openly about things like handcuffs or blindfolds – the stigma has vanished. "The more couples inject excitement into their relationships, the more their satisfaction level rises,” says sexual health expert Kristen Mark. We’ve separated the hits from the myths to show you why it’s OK to walk on the wild side from time to time.

"Kinky" means your sex life feels like a Saw sequel

False: Dabbling in deviance does not have to involve leather and nipple clamps. It's the newness and not the fear that's stimulating. The most common kinks are the least freaky ones. Sex therapist Gail Saltz conducted her own survey and found 54 percent of people had engaged in spanking, 19 percent in role playing, 11 percent in fetishes and 61 percent had used sex toys.

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