martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014

6 keys to a healthy marriage

If you locked it down this year, you’re in good company: More than 200,000 men give up bachelorhood annually in the UK, usually between March and November. While the honeymoon effect can linger for months, every couple, newlywed or not, should do periodic marriage maintenance. That way, minor annoyances won't blow up into big problems down the road. So whether you're recently hitched or have been tethered 10 years, watch for these roadblocks on the highway to happily ever after.

3 weeks: Negotiate the nest

The snag: “Women tend to prioritize the overall aesthetic of the home rather than picking specific areas,” says psychiatrist Dr Scott Haltzman. She may even try to use the decor as a way to define the home as her domain.
Your play: Look for ways to express yourselves individually – for example, by each choosing a room to make your own. The spare room has got man cave written all over it.

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