jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013

Red Bull 'lucky' to have new F1 rules in 2014, according to Prost

Alain Prost believes that Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull are 'lucky' that Formula 1's rules are changing next year.
Although the radical switch to V6 turbo engines is expected to act as a reset for the competitive order in 2014, Prost thinks that the arrival of a new-look F1 is actually good news for Red Bull.
The four-time champion thinks that the challenge posed by the new rules will prevent Red Bull from getting complacent after its run of titles, and more crucially it will have fired up design chief Adrian Newey to excel again.
"In a way Sebastian and the team, they are lucky that there is a change of regulations," explained Prost.
"They have won four times, which is really exceptional. But with this new regulation you cannot lose the motivation because you are obliged to work again.
"Adrian is obviously very happy as he has a new bone, a new target, and that is fantastic."
There have been plenty of comments in recent weeks about Vettel needing to prove himself by winning for a team other than Red Bull, but Prost thinks that winning under the 2014 rules would be just as good for the German.

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