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Is she faking it?

Knowing the tell-tale signs

If you've seen When Harry Met Sally then you know that ladies can be capable of quite a performance. Although Meg might be off your ‘list' now that it's not the early nineties, according to research at the University of Texas she is just one of the 72% of women who have faked an orgasm. Next time she's in the throes of passion, watch out for the following sign to find out whether that passion is bona fide or a 'buncha' lies.

Take a look at her chest. It's:

a) Mottled with a sort of red, blotchy rash.
b) Normal, apart from a sweaty sheen.
c) Plump, cool, the perfect place to rest a drink.

Answer: A
"Just before she orgasms, her body goes through a process called vasocongestion, where the blood rushes to the chest and genitals," says Tracey Cox, author of Kama Sutra. "For 50-70% of women this results in a rash-like flush across the chest, something a faking woman can't reproduce. If you're still not sure if she's being genuine, stroke her clitoris under the guise of giving her a helping hand. Just before orgasm it will decrease in size by 50%."

She says she’s reaching her peak, but what does it feel like for you?

a) Warm, wet, slippery.
b) There's a need for a dab more lube.
c) Tight, encouraging you to thrust harder.

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