martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

What's really in your dinner?

The Twitter jokes are long past the final furlong (even that one about getting the trots from eating “bologneighs”). But in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, we’re all rethinking our meat: three in five Brits have since changed their shopping habits, says a Which? survey. It’s quite understandable – as well as added Shergar, there were reports of steroids and other chemicals being pumped into our ready meals. Now, as the food industry takes stock, MH brings you the facts on what’s really in your budget burger, and why My Lidl Pony could be the least of your worries. And they’re off…
Aldi Today's Special Spaghetti Bolognese
Horsemeat up to 100%
Calories* 116
Protein 6.5g
Fat 2g
Sat fat 1g
“The issue is food fraud, not food safety,” says Dr Glenys Jones from the Nutrition Society. If you did buy ALDI’s ‘contaminated’ spag bol, you didn’t get what was advertised – you got something healthier. Horse mince packs the same muscle-building protein as beef for a leaner post-workout giddy-up.
“It has a third of beef’s saturates,” says Walter Murray, of specialist butchers Kezie Foods. So don’t be so long in the face. Opt for lean cuts of fillet, haunch and rump from specialist butchers. A 500g pack of horse mince from Kezie costs £3.53, which is a little cheaper than Tesco’s beef mince. Trojan nutrition at its finest.
Asda Smart Price Corned Beef
Horsemeat up to 50%
Calories 220
Protein 25g
Fat 13g
Sat fat 6.5g

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