viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014

Can I target my fat loss?

Fat is discerning. As a man, your body likes to lay down lard in certain areas much more than others. “Men are more prone to store fat on their stomachs,” says Dylan Jones, PT at TwentyTwo Training. And it’s not helped by your predilection for a Friday night binge. “Drinking alcohol incites stress in the body which causes fat cells to be stored there.” Which is why a beer belly is the first sign you’ve not been hitting the gym enough, and the last thing to go when you do.
Logic points towards targeting your workout towards a problem area. If you bench press at the start of every session, your chest muscles will preferentially burn through the moob fat that sits above them, right? Wrong. “There’s no evidence that spot reduction exists,” says Jones. “The fat under your skin isn’t the stuff that’s immediately available.”Read More »» 

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